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As you must have guessed by now that I am very passionate about sharing my knowledge. I will be very glad to interact with your team, students, and employees. I have conducted workshops, seminars, training programs, and camps for various software companies, institutes, schools, and engineering colleges. I have also trained a lot of people through corporate training programs. Following is the list of my skills.

Programming Languages : Java, Python, C and C++, Shell Scripting

Single Board Computers and Microcontrollers : Raspberry Pi, Banana Pro, Intel Edison, Arduino Boards, and almost all the Linux based SBCs

Software Testing : Selenium with Java and Python, Performance Testing with JMeter, Appium, JUnit, TestNG

Database Programming : SQL and PL/SQL

Scientific Computing with Python : NumPy and SciPy, Scikit

Computer Vision and Image Processing : OpenCV, Scikit-image, and other computer vision libraries which use NumPy

Supercomputing : Making clusters of SBCs and Parallel Programming with mpi4py and MPICH

Innovation : Making robots, home automation, remote controlled science toys


So if you have any assignments in the above mentioned areas, please do let me know on LinkedIn.

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