I am an internationally published author. If you are a publisher then I will be very glad to write and review books for your publication. I also make video courses.

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Following is publication-wise summary of the books I wrote and reviewed.

Packt Publication UK

I started my book reviewing and writing career with Packt Publication UK.

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My profile on Packt's website


I have written the following books for Packt UK,

Raspberry Pi Computer Vision Programming Raspberry Pi By Example Raspberry Pi Projects


Following is the review of my first book in MagPi magazine,

MagPi Review

I have also reviewed the following four books for for Packt written by other authors,

Apress / Springer Media USA

I have published the following books for Apress / Springer Media,

Python Unit Test Automation Raspberry Pi Supercomputer Raspberry Pi Image Processing Programming

BPB Publications New Delhi

I have written a book on Arduino boards for BPB New Delhi. I am writing another book on Arduino based IoT Projects with BPB. It is in the process of publication. I will surely update this section with relevant details once the book is published.

Arduino Made Simple Arduino Made Simple


Leanpub is an online publishing platform which allows the books to be published on continuous basis. I have published six books on this out of which two are re-published by Apress / Springer Media. Rest four books are available for download. These are completely free books for download and suggested price is optional. Any sum you pay for this will be paid to me and I will use those funds to support me and my work.

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My profile on Leanpub

Following books are available for free download as long as I do not republish them with some other publisher,

Instant Raspberry Pi Python 3 OOP scikit-image with Raspberry Pi RPi Tips and Tricks